Productn is a product management consulting firm that works with venture-funded businesses to help build, launch, grow and hire for B2C and B2B digital experiences. While we provide product management services first, we also supplement product and tech departments with development, data engineering, content strategy/SEO, and UI/UX and technical resource recruiting resources as needed. 


At Productn, we have decades of experience as product managers at various levels for dozens of tech companies at all stages.  What makes us stand apart is our ability to understand companies’ real operational needs as they relate to the products they build and support, and ensure that our clients make decisions that are building toward their immediate business goals without incurring insurmountable technical debt.  Our team is made of experienced start-up leaders and experts in their domain across several tech verticals. We’ve built and launched many products and look forward to doing it ‘n’ times over.

Productn is partnered with the VC firm Alpha Edison, and can also help guide tech decisions as you seek funding. 



Audra Gold



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Audra Gold is the founder of Productn and has dedicated her entire career to building digital products. She launched her product management career during the first dot-com boom, and has weathered the ups and downs of the tech industry in the following 20+ years.


Audra's contribution to dozens of venture-funded technology companies in early growth stage has earned her a reputation for developing novel, leading-edge online products that scale, thrive and survive in volatile economic environments.


Theresa Tran


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Theresa Tran serves as the Vice President of Operations and a Principal Product Manager for Productn


Theresa brings a rare combination of product management leadership and deep technical experience to her work allowing her to communicate seamlessly between design, development, and executive teams to create exceptional digital products.


Jerry Boonstra


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Jerry Boonstra is a hands-on Software Engineering Leader and experienced Manager, with over 15 years hands-on software development experience and more than 10 years experience in building and managing teams.


Jerry has worked for both startups and public corporations in the digital media, entertainment, and consumer editorial spaces.









Ted Dillon

CDN & Network Expert

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Alpha Edison

Early Stage VC


Many product development projects require additional services to achieve product goals. Product N has teamed up with a network of various highly skilled service providers that we can recommend and build into our product development and launch plans. 


When you can't afford a full time designer, we can bake design services into our product development proposal. We'll ensure that we use design resources efficiently and affordably when its necessary for the project. 


We often recommend usability testing, surveying and focus groups to help steer unproven product concepts in the right direction. Our boutique digital media research partner services can be woven into the product development process at an affordable rate. 


Increase your traffic from search by developing a strategy around the content you create and acquire. Ensure your content is optimally organized and complete at technical SEO audit. Our best of breed shop can help you with all your SEO needs. 

Media buying

We have teamed with the best buyers in social media, google and open networks. Get help executing small and medium media buys with our select boutique media buying partners.