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Los Angeles, California

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Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. 


Career Highlights

  • Developed One of the first scaled second-screen streaming platforms for Fourth Wall Studios, awarded Emmy for Creative Achievement in Interactive Programming - acquired by Nantworks. 


  • Developed and managed many first-generation DTC premium product lines for IGN.com - went public as Snowball, Inc., acquired by Fox Media. 


  • Built and managed the linear online video platform for Pluto TV– acquired by Viacom. 


  • Created and managed first of its kind subscription products in online gaming for Vivendi Universal - acquired by Jackpot, Inc.


  • Led product for Break Media network, one of the largest UGC video distribution platforms of its time with a reach of over 1B users - Merged with Alloy to become DEFY. 


  • Led Product for first big brand Media Mix SaaS product for Marketshare, Inc. - acquired by Neustar, Inc.


  • US patent holder for systems to identify, assemble, and publish content, a contributor to several patent owned by Nantworks in the computer vision and interactive video space

Audra Gold has dedicated her entire career to building first to market and scaled mass media digital products. Her passion for product management and her ability to identify new and emerging product trends has led to her reputation for developing novel, cutting-edge products across gaming, streaming video, digital media, enterprise SaaS platforms, in various business verticals.


Today, as the founder of Product N, a product management consulting and recruitment firm, Audra and her team work with early-stage ventured funded start-ups in various verticals to create, launch and grow their digital products. The team also works in partnership with the VC firm Alpha Edison, helping AE portfolio companies in need of product management expertise to either create, expand or pivot their digital product lines. 


Prior to Product N, Audra has spent years developing, launching, and managing industry-defining digital products. Most recently, Audra led the Product and Tech team at The Mighty, a health-focused crowd-sourced digital media company, where she helped build an active community of over 1MM members and publishing tools supporting over 10k writers, resulting in an $8MM Series A. She then joined Rubicon Project (RUBI) to manage a $100MM a year ad-tech product line. 


Prior to that she was focused on streaming platforms, where she built and managed the product team that launched Pluto TV across multiple OTT, mobile and desktop platforms to help the company secure $10MM in Series A funding and led the Product team from the ground up at Fourth Wall Studios, where she launched the mass-market second- screen interactive video experience with $15MM in funding. The FWS team was later rewarded with an Emmy for “Best Interactive Video Streaming Platform” and the technology was acquired by the lead investor.


Earlier in her career, Audra led product teams in digital media, SaaS business services, e-commerce and online gaming companies where she developed product expertise in digital content management, video streaming, digital ad products, analytics, gamification, subscription models, online payments, online community building, SEO, SaaS and admin platforms, XR/VR/AR and cross-platform (OTT, mobile, browser, desktop) applications. 


Audra holds a BA from the University of Denver, where she also played NCAA soccer and participated in several on-campus organizations and philanthropy.