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Let's Talk About The State of Women In The Workplace

McKinsey and The Riveter have released comprehensive reports on the progress of women in corporate America. Let's look at what they found.

Two major reports have recently been released on the topic of women in the workplace, one by McKinsey, "Women in the Workplace in 2019," and one by The Riveter, "A Work Force For Change." We took a look at both of them and pulled what we think are the most interesting, alarming and promising data points.

The big picture:

Let's look at some details...


1. General representation of leadership. McKinsey says.

17 to 21% !!?? These jumps are not big enough. We can do better!


2. So how committed are businesses to changing this? McKinsey says:

Let's hope everyone puts their money where their mouth is!


3. Ok, so women are growing (slightly) in the management category. How are they being treated once we're up there? Riveter says:

Yikes. This is NOT looking good. Almost half have been passed over and feel they are judged on biases.


4. So what the dominant biases we still face? The Riveter says:

This is really sad.


5. It can't be all bad though, right? McKinsey says:

Our C-suite numbers are looking great! 29 to 44% is about as good as it gets on these reports. Let's hope the increase in women at the top translates to support for bringing in and bringing up more women in other leadership positions.

Download the McKinsey report and The Riveter report for the full story.

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