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Women-Only Spaces

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Do women-only spaces still matter? The short answer is yes.

Throughout history, women have come together to combat the discrimination they face. In a world where female representation in the workforce is still in the minority, how can women-only spaces add value from a professional standpoint?

Courtesy of @TheRiveter

Women-only spaces can help:

  • create a safe and empowering space for women to openly express their beliefs and feelings

  • advance personal lives and talk about issues that are easier understood by female or female-identifying individuals

  • advance professional lives by discussing obstacles faced as women as well as solutions to reaching goals and aspirations

Our client, The Riveter, is a community space "built by women, for everyone" designed to help fix issues faced by women in the workplace. They welcome all genders to work together toward this objective. While men should participate, women-only spaces are still essential to create a greater sense of belonging.

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