Product Management Recruitment Services


At Product N, we know product management. Product N has a team of product management leaders with combined in-house product management experience of dozens of years across several online verticals. Collectively, we have interviewed and hired hundreds of product managers at all levels, from interns - identifying those that have the chops to develop into strong PMs - to executive level - where sophisticated management and team building chops are as important as deep subject matter expertise and rich product/tech development knowledge. 


With our vast network of Los Angeles based product management resources, our understanding of product department inner-workings and needs across many different industries, stage of company’s growth cycle, and a tried and true candidate quality assessment process, we find the perfect fit for your company every time. 


It’s no secret that at early-stage companies, your product development efforts have an outsized impact on your ability to succeed as a business. For early-stage startups, your product development decisions can have huge consequences on your ability to find that product-market fit fast and get to monetization or other key milestones before the money runs out. At larger companies, poor product management can hold you back while the competition races forward, result in massive technical debt that can take years to dig out of, or generally take your company in a direction that does not move you towards your vision - and ultimately, profitability. 


With that in mind, hiring the right product manager for your business is crucial. All PMs are *not* created equal and in fact, each has a unique and diverse career path that may or may not work for what you wish to accomplish. Sound scary? It doesn’t have to be. Our deep knowledge of all things product management, and at early-stage startups specifically, we have many risk mitigation efforts built into our placement process to give you peace of mind. When you allow Product N to handle your product management recruiting, you get the benefit of our many years of hiring, firing, launching, growing, shrinking, building, iterating, exiting - and the countless lessons learned within. 


At Product N, we have developed a 360 Product Manager Quality Assessment process. This process enables us to not only provide you with high-quality product manager candidates, but we ensure that they have the right skill-set, mindset, technical understanding, industry expertise and cultural fit for your fast-growing company.  Our three-step placement process will result in us finding you a small yet highly qualified and well-suited candidate. We believe in quality over quantity. We don’t believe in wasting your valuable time either - so we only send you the best fit for your very unique company needs. How?


Here’s our process:

Step 1: The Audit

Our most senior product managers perform a product audit of your existing products, product development resources, and processes to understand exactly where you are in your growth cycle, your tech stack, your company look-alikes/competitors, as well as your leadership team ideals and vision.

Step 2: The Spec

With our deep understanding of your products and company, we develop a customized Spec Test that we require all our most well-suited candidates to take. This Spec will speak specifically to a function, feature, or new product that is very relevant to something that you are currently in need of or planning on developing. If the candidate delivers a quality spec, we go to the next level of testing.

Step 3: The Tech

Once our candidates have proven that they can deliver quality product specifications, we want to ensure they know how to get it built. We assess their knowledge of the type of team they would need to build their idea, the tradeoffs they may need to make to get it done and make sure they understand the underlying technology they will be expected to help make big decisions on. There are plenty of people can write great specs, but not everyone knows how to execute efficiently, timely and with quality in a typically resourced strapped environment… and that’s the most important part! We know the questions to ask to get to the real deal: is this candidate going to thrive in your environment and help take your products to the next level?  


Only when a candidate has sufficiently impressed us with their skills and knowledge, we pass them on to you. Since we’ve saved you so much time in the pre-screen process, you can typically go straight to final interview rounds. 

Still not convinced? We thought of that too: most of our candidates can be available on a contract basis so you can both get a feel for whether or not the fit is right on both sides. To keep it simple, you can contract thought Product N, we’ll handle all the paperwork and onboarding to ensure that they can hit the ground running.

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