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Amelia Earhart

Theresa Tran brings a rare combination of product management leadership and deep technical experience to her work, allowing her to communicate seamlessly between design, development, and executive teams to create exceptional digital products. 


Her wide-ranging work leading product development and management spans virtual worlds and mass media websites for MTV, VR content management systems, mobile apps for Fortune 500 retail giants, award-winning media and entertainment platforms, and many others. 


Today, Theresa serves as principal product manager for Product N, a product management consulting and recruitment firm. In this role, she helps venture-funded companies move forward by building products that achieve core KPIs for rapid growth and the next round of funding. She works in several capacities, from breathing new life into existing products, vetting and auditing underperforming products to build the right thing at the right time, or helping start-ups scale by putting the best product management team in place. 


Her work with Product N includes creating innovative solutions across areas like VR training, digital advertising automation, and social networking platforms.


Prior to joining the firm, she served as the SVP of product management for Jukin Media, a media and entertainment company with a video licensing platform, where she led all facets of product management for internal and external applications, front-end engineering, UX design, QA, and Salesforce administration. During her four-year tenure, the company experienced explosive growth while scaling by over 10x. 


In an earlier role, she was senior product manager for venture-funded Fourth Wall Studios (later acquired by Nantworks). There, in addition to working on AR mobile games for General Electric, she led product management and user testing of a leading-edge content management system that allowed editors to create video experiences that could deliver groundbreaking interactive video experiences using the second screen and as AR add-ons to a video-based story. Her work enabled major content publishers like Conde Nast and Discovery channel, as well as FWS originals, to be distributed across several major media properties on the web, leading to the team being awarded a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media. She also helped grow the platform video views by 600%. 


Recently, she was tapped by UCLA’s director of strategic program development to help create a syllabus and content for the university’s new product management course. 


Theresa completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UCLA before earning her Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Robotics while studying at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.


Digital Product Management Consulting & Recruiting

Los Angeles, California

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